How are you waging peace in your inner battles?

The only one war worth fighting

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Camus notably wrote that peace was the only battle worth waging.

This profound thought first appeared in an essay about the savagery of the atomic bomb.

But keep in mind, the guy was also an absurdist philosopher.

And so, perhaps there’s a deeper layer to his message about the battles we wage inside of our own heads. A forewarning to people that the fight for the inner landscape is equally as important as what happens in the material world.

Because each of us is engaged in a lifelong struggle against our own nature. Each of us is endowed with a mind pushing back to keep us where we have always been. And if we have any intention of making this world a better place, these are the battles we must attend to early and often.

Before any authentic transformation of the world can be sustained, there must be an ongoing inner practice in the minds, hearts and souls of those who inhabit it. ‘

If we can win these battles against ourselves enough, it will slowly start to become easier to win the battles out in the world.

The secret is acknowledging, savoring, celebrating and sharing our victories. Allowing ourselves to feel proud of every step we take forward. Even the small and seemingly insignificant ones.

I recently hit a milestone in my own emotional development, in terms of my ability to notice, classify, appreciate, sit with and discharge my uncomfortable emotions. I still have a long way to go, but in the ongoing battle between me and the old me, real progress is finally being made.

I’m learning to forgive my past broken self and be proud of the current one. And that’s a victory. One that I take pride in achieving it.

Because I know that in the long arc game of my life, that milestone only adds to the foundation that will allow me to contribute at a higher level.

How are you waging peace in your inner battles?

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