How can I do the work once and benefit many times?

Reducing labor intensity

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When I first started my company, one of the questions my mentor trained me to ask was:

How can I do the work once and benefit many times?

This mindset, he told me, was the key to duplication, multiplication and ultimately, replacing myself. Without it, I would risk driving myself past rational work levels without factoring in the fatigue factor.

Ever since I first heard that question, became obsessed with the economy of effort. And now, I practice taking myself out of the equation wherever possible. I employee every labor intensity reduction technique that I can.

Setting up systems that reduce my number of daily decisions. Delegating everything that doesn’t need my personal touch. Cutting corners that nobody would notice anyway. Developing income streams for non labor intensive pursuits. Deleting everything that doesn’t need to be done by anyone.

Constructing portable creative environments so I can lock into work on a moment’s notice. Using tiny pockets of time to improve my pace and results. Establishing standard operating procedures for every major business activity. Running prospective projects through an opportunity filter that gauges the potential asset value. Building up my template inventory to free up my creative energy for more important tasks.

Even inventing my own suite of to help streamline and expedite my strategic thinking process. In short, killing two stones with one bird at every opportunity.

What’s your best labor intensity reduction technique?

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Scott Ginsberg
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“Scott Ginsberg’s employee training on approachability was the absolute perfect fit, and completely exceeded everyone’s expectations, including mine. The feedback we received from our team was that this was hands down the best training they have ever been to. Scott found out what was important to us and gave us several options for training solutions. I would highly recommend him for a variety of industries, and I would happily work with him again!” — Anne Conway, PHR | Corporate Director of Training and Development, | Lodging Hospitality Management

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