How can I use this to get more of what I want?

Leverage mindset

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There is nothing that can’t be leveraged. Every experience can be used as a catalyst for creating value, generating opportunity, stimulating growth, deepening education, accomplishing goals, achieving realization, even activating transformation.

It’s simply a matter of framing experiences and redirecting them to meet your objectives. Leverage, after all, is the bridge between occurrence and opportunity. And those who ask intelligent questions as they cross it, arrive to the other side faster, happier, healthier and wealthier.

When I first started my publishing company, without any money, contacts, experience or credibility, I constantly started asking the question:

How can I use this to help me get more of what I want?

I found this question helped stimulate a greater sense of single mindedness. It forced me to frame whatever I was doing as possible resource or support structure or solution for my dreams, even if there was no apparent relationship between the two.

What did I have to lose? Asking questions like this may not have increased my success, but what it did increase was my field of vision, and that allowed me to better notice the opportunities that lead to success. That’s how the leverage mindset works. It may not affect the outcome, but it does affect the experience.

Ultimately, the goal is to ask the questions so often that they become integrated into your thinking like a champion golfer’s natural swing, and leverage becomes second nature to you.

What questions do you ask to turn every situation into an advantage for yourself?

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