How did you overcome the limited view of your own potential?

He won’t allow for that kind of growth

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Everyone has potential crying out to be engaged. It’s what it means to be alive.

Rollo’s book on man’s search for himself states it best:

Every organism has only one central need in life, which is to fulfill its own potentialities. However, the task is never automatic. A person’s development must be to some extent chosen and affirmed by himself.

And so, if we are to overcome the limited view of our own potential, we must unearth the things that have been deeply buried and obscured through a lifetime of misinformation. We must dig down beneath the false story we’ve been telling ourselves.

I have a performer friend who’s been fighting this battle for years. He would love to move into the fullness of his talent. He would love to stretch beyond what he’s done before. And he would love to double his fees and drop the bottom twenty percent of his annoying low paying clients and travel less and relax more.

But for whatever reason, he won’t allow for that kind of growth.

Maybe because the idea of owning his full potential is too overwhelming. Maybe because the change in circumstances that growth would require is to scary. Or maybe the pain of staying where he isn’t yet greater than the cost to change.

All I know is, year after year, he keeps accepting gigs and projects that are easy. They only challenge him in ways that makes him look like the smartest person in the room.

Even he admits it. There’s no need for him to be that good. There’s nothing stretching his game.

These are the stories my friend tells himself. This is the misinformation that creates an inability for him to realize his potential. And it breaks my heart. Because I can tell that it’s a deep source of dissatisfaction for him.

The question is, how do we help somebody move their personality closer to the blueprint of its highest potential?

I don’t know. That might not be an answerable question. We can’t force somebody to situate themselves in the soil that best suits their growth. Sometimes all we can do is love them.

How did you overcome the limited view of your own potential?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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