How many frontiers you crossed today?

Moments of uncertainty

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When we avoid the unknown regions of ourselves, carefully staying within our known range of confidence, chronically concerned with remaining the way we are, we’re condemned to live in the boxes that we make for ourselves.

And it will never occur to us to take any actions beyond that.

But if we have any intention of forging new frontiers of originality, we are obliged to venture outside of the accustomed territory. We are called to try something scary and hard and new. Something that stretches us beyond what we have done before.

When I first start making music films, I was terrified. The medium made me feel intimidated, the collaboration made me feel out of control, the budget made me feel pressured, the content made me feel vulnerable.

But a friend of mine gave me some advice that I’ll never forget:

You will lose more than you would ever sign up for, but you will gain more than you could ever hope for.

That’s the price of originality. We have to end something to get to the next level.

Altucher said it best in his book on choosing yourself. When you give up searching for frontiers, inevitable you end up stuck in a swamp, sinking deeper into the mud the more you struggle to get out. Success comes from continually expanding your frontiers in every direction.

It’s worth it. Even if you can count on some agonizing moments of uncertainty.

How many frontiers you crossed today?

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