How might your talents reincarnate during the next phase of your artistic career?

To pivot is to thrive

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I have a friend whose childhood centered around ballet.

Dancing was her whole life. And she thought it would be her whole career, too, until she sustained a serious ankle injury during college that ultimately ruined her chances of dancing professionally.

Naturally, she was crushed. As any artist would be. Can you imagine the agony of realizing that you can no longer do what you thought you were put on this earth to do? My stomach drops just thinking about that.

But here’s the interesting part of the story. At one point during my friend’s ankle surgery, she received a flash of creative inspiration. A moment of conception. A single spark of life that screamed to her, wait, something wants to be built here.

Reagan got the idea to start a her own publishing company. To leverage her painting skills and launch a line of ballet themed greeting cards, and to market those cards to the various dance studios with whom she had built relationships during her years as a performer.

That’s one hell of a pirouette.

Reagan may not be dancing in the way that she used to, but she’s still employing her talents and contributing to the industry she loves.

Proving, that just because you’re physically done doing that which defined you as an artist, doesn’t mean you have to creatively leave behind the world that you know so well.

Life has a way of coming full circle. Sometimes there’s a side door into the same room, beckoning us to walk through.

How might your talents reincarnate during the next phase of your artistic career?

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