How will you carve out your own destiny?

Hire yourself

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Trying to fit yourself into an existing market is short lived. Being a cog in someone else’s great machine is a recipe for disappointment and disillusion.

And so, if you find that there are no projects that fit how great you are, carve your own destiny and hire yourself. Go out and create the market for what you love. Define your own rules, set your own standards and let the rest of the world follow your lead.

Mihaly’s research on the psychology of meaning found that people who lead satisfying lives, who are in tune with their past and future, in short, people whom we would call happy, are generally individuals who have lived their lives according to rules they themselves created.

I’m reminded of a inspiring article by independent musician who has been making his own records since the late nineties. Rogers built his own global direct to consumer funding platform to engage with fans, fund his music, keep his rights and even raise money for charity. He asked a question that completely shifted the way I approach my work. Not only as a songwriter, but as an entrepreneur.

Do you want to be in the music business, or in the business of making music?

Because there’s a stark difference between the two. One is a cold, cruel, shallow money trench occupied by liars and whores who steal people’s dreams, the other is a daily practice of creativity and joy that allows you to develop and concentrate on the exercise of your professional skills.

That’s not just the music industry, that’s any industry. Except the one that you create for yourself.

How will you carve out your own destiny?

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