Identifying a universal language that everyone understands

Music doesn’t have to impress

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Music is not a competition. There’s no winning or losing. It’s much more significant than that.

Wooten’s inspiring parable about finding your song inside states it perfectly.

Musicians do not have to be believed in. We do not have to be trusted. Our music speaks for itself without the listener having to know anything about us. Music touches people’s emotions in a way that nothing else can. And when people find a musician they like, they will open up their hearts to whatever that musician has to say. Because it’s a language that everyone understands.

These words give me peace. In a world where everything has been reduced to a competition, where the only thing that matters is who won, it’s profoundly comforting to know that there’s still one venue where we don’t have to obsess over being persuasive and credible and intelligent and authentic and consistent and understood and trustworthy and powerful.

We just express what’s in our hearts, and that’s enough for people.

I’ve played hundreds of concerts in my lifetime, and not once has an audience member approached me after the show with their arms crossed demanding to see my credentials.

Because music doesn’t work that way. Nobody cares what school you attended or where you got your training or whom you apprenticed under or how many acronyms come after your last name.

They just like your songs. Even if they can’t articulate why.

Doesn’t matter. Music doesn’t require justification, explanation or categorization. It just mainlines joy right into your body.

And you can’t resist. The gravitational pull cannot be countered.

The challenge, then, is figuring out your version of this. Identifying a universal language that everyone understands, and then communicating in that language as often as you can.

How are you touching people’s emotions in a way that nothing else can?

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