If you’re so great, how come you don’t make other people feel great?

Push others off the cliff

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Making a name for yourself is good for the ego, but helping others make a name for themselves is great for the soul.

Rand famously said that it takes two people to make every great career, the one who is great, and the one who is great enough to see greatness and say go.

And so, once we’re flushed all of the selfishness out of our system and made our mark on the world, that’s our next imperative. To show people their own wings. To be a stand for their greatness. To give them a front row seat to their own brilliance. And to push them off the cliff and watch them soar.

Of course, it’s not entirely altruistic. Seeing greatness and saying go reverberates back into our lives as well. We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.

I once met a stranger on a bus who passed along my business card to the editor of the local newspaper who wrote a four page article about my first book that went viral, launched my career and changed the trajectory of my life forever.

Never saw the guy from the bus again, but I never forgot the impact he had. He saw greatness and said go. He pushed me off the cliff before I even knew how to fly, and trusted that I would figure it out before I crashed into the rocks below.

And now, any chance I have to do the same for somebody else, I take it. Because you never know. Sometimes you’re the guy on the bus, sometimes you’re the guy sitting next to him.

But both people need each other. For the goodness of the self, but also for the greatness of the soul.

If you’re so great, how come you don’t make other people feel great?

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