In what situations do you have difficulty accepting yourself?

Just fucking let it go

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Sometimes you do everything right, and it’s still not enough.

It’s goddamn maddening. Like you can’t win no matter how hard you try. And it makes you want to punch people through the phone.

What’s fascinating, though, is if you push through the frustration, liberation awaits on the other side. Because once you realize that control is an illusion, once you accept that the outcome of most situations isn’t based on much effort you choose to exert, you can finally let go and let the joy carry you.

As I discovered in group therapy, the moment you start to feel bad about yourself, find the lie.

That’s when I started surrendering to my pain. Accepting the reality of my body and freeing myself form the anxiety of perfection. And what I found was, you can actually accomplish more with the energy of acceptance than the energy of control.

Keep in mind, however, that surrender is not resignation. You’re not waving a white flag and collapsing into complacency. You’re just relieving yourself the enormous burden of ruling the universe.

Through acceptance, that engine runs out of gas.

And so, next time you fail to make headway in your endeavors, despite working hard and long and smart, allow yourself to feel the flush of rage in your face.

But only for a short while. Feeling sorry for yourself wastes a lot of mental energy.

For now, try moving through the frustration to discover the freedom waiting on the other side.

In what situations do you have difficulty accepting yourself?

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