Internal versus external locus of control

Taking yourself out of the victim position

Hendricks suggests that we choose to become the source of attitudes, rather than waiting for the events of life to inspire us to adopt them. Otherwise we remain locked in consumer mode rather than producer mode, keeping ourselves trapped in scarcity, forever making the situation responsible for how we feel.

It’s the difference between people with an external locus of control and people with an internal locus of control. The former have little effect on the events that occur around them, while the latter have influence on much of what happens in their life.

Money is the perfect example.

On one hand, I can dwell on the fact that my job has unpredictable income, sporadic employment and episodic earnings. But that’s an attitude of scarcity. It doesn’t serve my earning potential. And it stops my forward trajectory, blocking the flow of positive energy.

On the other hand, I can affirm the belief that I always have plenty of resources to fuel all the things I want to do. That’s an attitude of abundance. It supports my moneymaking efforts. It takes me out of the victim position in regard to money. And it contributes to a positive, profitable narrative in my head.

Proving, that I am the source of my attitudes, I am the result of myself and I am the architect of my own future.

Is your finger firmly pressed on the misery button, manufacturing thoughts that make you feel bad?

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