Is your need to stand out and be special hurting sales?

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My grandfather has had long and prestigious history in the closeout industry.

Even into his eighties, he would still go into the office everyday. Before he left after lunch to go play golf, of course.

A piece of advice he once gave was, never fall in love with your own inventory.

Meaning, don’t project your autobiography onto the customer. Even if what you’re selling is the greatest thing that ever was, find out what they’re buying and only sell them that.

I’ve encountered this problem a hundred times in my own business. After all, the inventory I’m peddling is myself. Which means the sales process is an ego vortex. The story I tell myself is that my product is so special, that it isn’t subject to natural human law.

And my desire to be acknowledged that my inventory is so great, my insatiable need to prove that I’m worth acquiring, actually loses me more sales than if I would simply find out what the customer was buying, and only sell them that.

Yet another case of being a victim of my own originality. Being so special that I’m especially ignored by customers who aren’t.

It makes me wonder if perhaps being normal isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hell, if customers are willing to pay for it, my god, open the register.

Forget about your beloved inventory. It’s just the thing your ego is driven to sell.

Is your need to stand out and be special stealing hurting sales?

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