It is not selfish to spend so much effort on your own happiness.

Score one joy point for me

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Mellin’s groundbreaking research on rewiring the human brain found that long term survival is predicated on our capacity to marshal an effective joy response.

That the chemical ripples of electricity and pleasure that we feel in our bodies when we relentlessly pursue the gentle and nourishing practice of joy are the most effective defense against stress that we have.

And so, our challenge is to organize our lives around experiencing joy in the moment, rather than revolving around identifying and fixing problems.

To weaken our ties to external solutions, dip our toes in the bucket of internal pleasure circuits known as the human body and start scoring a few joy points for ourselves.

It’s the world’s most efficacious preventative medicine. It’s infinitely abundant and available, and costs us nothing.

At least, nothing monetarily. There is, of course, the existential expense of joy. The naked terror of confessing happiness.

Because in a world that’s cynical, corrupt, cold and more concerned with expressing coolness than embracing earnestness, irony has become the ethos of our age. It’s the modern defense mechanism against hope, vulnerability and whatever other emotional risk people are too terrified to take.

But it’s worth it. The mere idea that we can improve our health by surrounding ourselves with things that delight us, by owning our desires without apology or justification, and by flooding our lives with experiences in which we’re conscious of nothing but the pleasure it gives us, that’s nothing short of a miracle.

It is not selfish to spend so much effort on your own happiness.

How much additional stress are you creating because of your reluctance to allow spontaneous joy into your life?

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