It’s all about permission. We are the source of time.

Take pride in being both/and heroes.

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Our fear is that taking on a new venture, hobby, business, side gig or passion project will dilute our mainline commitment.

But that only applies to people who have an unsophisticated sense of time and immature understanding of labor.

Because when done right, it’s all integrated. Everything works together to inform the entirety of our life.

Instead of borrowing from integrity to fund velocity, we trust that we have plenty of space to do everything we want to do.

Instead of allowing a new endeavor to eradicate one of the existing parts, we integrate everything it into the whole.

Instead of resigning to become either/or victims, we take pride in being both/and heroes.

It’s all about permission. We are the source of time. We don’t have to be one thing in life. Our multi hyphenated existence informs and deepens every world that we inhabit. We are polycentric people with multiple centers of interest and attention. We are the center orbiting around many circles.

Here are several examples from my own life.

Practicing yoga makes me a more honest writer. Volunteering at my local coop makes me a savvier salesperson. Busking in the park makes me a more effective leader at company meetings. Conducting marketing focus groups makes me a more empathetic friend. Writing ad copy makes me a more direct and honest communicator. Practicing hypnosis makes me a more patient family member.

The point is, this broad range of human endeavors that are meaningful to me don’t have to be polar opposites. They can be dance partners.

Holding hands and laughing and parading around in circle, with my heart at the center.

Have you accepted that the development and integration of your total intellectual environment is a worthwhile endeavor?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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