It’s not about the data, it’s about being consistent tribal members

What we’re entitled to when we believe

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The further down the road people get in their commitment, they just buy the whole package.

They fill in the blanks with their own biases.

Because as that point, it’s not about the data, it’s about being consistent tribal members. Keeping the spirits happy, keeping the nest warm and showing allegiance to the clan.

It doesn’t matter if we’re wrong, we’re together. Disaster is coming and we, the chosen ones, will come out on top. And anything that comes from the other team will be, by default, stupid.

After all, false information need not be coherent to be effective. Even if we are walking down a tunnel, following the light, while everybody we pass tells us it’s the wrong way, we soldier on, frozen into our preexisting paradigm.

I’m reminded of the final scene of my favorite horror movie. Goodman’s character concludes his deposition with the federal agents with the following speech:

My grandma on my mother’s side had these two dogs. Pure bloodhounds. Both came up the same litter. She kept them and gave the rest away to the neighbors. Both known each other since they had shit in their eyes. Neither one ever treated any better than the other one. Gentlest dogs you’d ever care to meet.

Thanksgiving of my ninth year, these two old dogs are trailing me around, because they know the score. I’m a animal lover who never finishes his supper. And so, right before I get up from the table, I toss these two old timers a turkey leg attached to a hunk of cartilage.

And it was like they’d never met. They went at each other so ferociously, all tooth and claw and jugular. They forgot everything and scrapped like that discard decided between their standing and dying.

You know, people just do the strangest things when they believe they’re entitled. But they do even stranger things when they just plain believe.

Do you believe what you believe because you were taught to believe it, or because you actually believe it?

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