Jolt out of your illusion of isolation

An ounce of not alone


When things aren’t going as successfully as we’d like, the most important thing to remember is that we’re not alone.

That our difficulties are a natural part of life and everyone goes through them. And whatever bad feelings are coursing through our veins at the moment, they’re likely to be shared by thousands of other people too.

It’s part and parcel of the warp and weft of human life. And the upside is, a little education will usually show us that there’s no need to panic.

Compassion is accommodating like that. If we’re willing to search for it, we can find it everywhere.

Over the years, I’ve been involved with a number of masterminds and meetups and accountability partners and support groups. And whether they assembled in person or online, whether the topics were personal or professional, and whether they lasted for years or merely hours, the mantra was always the same.

Sometimes all we need is an ounce of not alone.

People we trust to remind us that our problems aren’t special and that everybody is fighting a battle that we know nothing about. It’s that sense of community that enables us to have compassion.

As my shrink reminds me, when we connect to others, we connect to self. The farther we go outside, the deeper we can travel inside.

Therefore, if we want to be more kind to ourselves during periods of suffering, the last thing we should do is isolate.

Should we find ourselves caught in the trance of unworthiness, feeling judgmental about our own flaw and inadequacies, we must learn to look at ourselves through the eyes of compassion.

Not to obsess and fixate on everything that’s wrong with us, making us feel more separate and cut off from the rest of the world; rather, to accept and connect with everyone who’s similar to us, making us feel less alone in the world.

Whom can you connect with today that will jolt you out of your illusion of isolation?

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