Keeping from sinking deeper into feelings of inadequacy

Ask for the money you deserve

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We all want to feel credible and capable and legitimate.

No matter how actualized we are in our opinion of ourselves, there isn’t an entrepreneur alive who isn’t searching for the stamp that says they are valid. It’s what keeps us going. It’s what builds momentum.

Even in small doses, that initial proof of competence is what gives us faith in our business. Without it, we’re forever at the mercy of our perceived inadequacies.

What we need, then, is concrete evidence from an objective third party. Proof that we’re capable of creating real value in the world.

I remember the first time I received an email, out of the blue, from a complete stranger, who wanted to pay me money, to provide his company a service.

To me, that was a miracle. The fact that it happened at all meant that it was possible. And that was enough evidence to convince me to keep moving my story forward.

From that day forth, I vowed to invest more time and energy offering myself to the world in service, in exchange for money. I practiced asking people to buy every day of my life. And after a few years, my feelings of lack began to subside.

Proving to me, that human beings may be good at convincing themselves of how inadequate they are in the face of life’s challenges, but imagination works both ways.

And so, if we have the neurons to beat ourselves up, that must also mean we have the capacity to train ourselves to see the great miracle as well.

Because once we see what we’re capable of, once we start believing in ourselves, we can never go back.

What third party evidence do you need to keep from sinking deeper into feelings of inadequacy?

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