Let people’s water pursue its own path.

Who are you trying to make just like you?

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We all live by a certain set of rules and habits that we wish everyone around us will adopt.

But we should never get our hopes up. As satisfying as it is to influence people to live by the lights of our worldview, we should never become enamored with our own ways of doing things.

Otherwise we’ll drive ourselves crazy trying to understand why everyone around us doesn’t share our preferences and opinions. That only sets up a toxic cycle of resentment towards people who don’t change and become just like us.

Imagine trying to alter the course of a river. That endeavor would require a tremendous investment of time, energy and resources, with little possibility of significant change. Even if we did have access to dynamite or the ability to create an earthquake or the manpower to cause a flood, still, the damage wouldn’t be worth the effort.

That’s the way it works with our relationships. The smartest, kindest and most sustainable path is to give people the dignity of self definition. To stand at the edge of ourselves and salute them, without the compulsive desire to change and fix and improve them, and without the fear that they are going to change and fix and improve us.

We let people’s water pursue its own path.

Of course, this approach requires considerable maturity, patience and surrender. But in the end, vocalized or not, people will thank us for giving them the gift of allowing them to live their own lives.

Whom are you trying to mold into who you are?

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