Life rewards execution, not ideation

Lead with your body, not your eyes

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When practicing yoga, where the eyes go, the body follows.

It’s the strangest thing. Simply by lowering your gaze from the wall to the floor, you automatically advance the posture. Because your eyes have just signaled to your brain that everything is okay, and now it’s time to bend down.

And so, you do. No matter how temping it is keep your gaze still. Where the eyes go, the body follows.

In the creative world, however, the process works differently. You’re told that where the mind goes, the body follows. That you can manifest and believe and focus and visualize your way into progress. But the reality is, thinking about something doesn’t make it exist, only purposeful action does.

And so, if you’re struggling to get your business off the ground or launch a new service or start a new creative project, forget about your eyes. Lead with your body. Throw yourself into a tension which necessitates some kind of action. Paint yourself into a corner that you have to execute your way out of.

I witnessed this phenomenon firsthand when I began performing music in public. Busking under a tunnel forced me to sing and move and strum and perform in ways that were profoundly more physical than playing guitar quietly in my bedroom.

But after a few months, my entire approach to performing music and connecting with audiences transformed. All because I led with my body. We even made a concert documentary about it.

The point is, life rewards execution, not ideation. Go ahead and lead with your eyes in yoga class. But once you get off the mat, let your body call the shots. Because it’s one of the few things in this world that will never lie to you.

How could you throw yourself into tension?

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