Make the decision to breathe from the atmosphere of intellectual possibility

Turning a seed into a forest

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One of the great underrated superpowers is the ability to learn a lot from a little. To turn every moment into a part of your education. To metabolize even the smallest events or situations into breakthroughs in thinking and action.

That’s how you maximize growth. Like the company that seeks a return on investment, the individual seeks to maximize return on experience.

But in order to make your education greater than your experience, you need a system. A purification process. Otherwise you’re just winking in the dark. Things are happening to you, but those experiences aren’t being integrated into your bloodstream.

And so, next time you encounter a moment of conception, that little piece of kindling that gets the fire going, do more than just experience it, process it. Treat that moment as a container of raw materials that’s scheduled for delivery at your mental factory. Notice it, listen to it, appreciate it, document it, store it, reflect upon it, expand around it, refer back to it, and most of all, share it with others so they can add new dimensions to it.

That’s how you learn a lot from a little.

I like to think of it as turning a seed into a forest. That’s the mantra I’ve returned for the past fifteen years. And what’s fascinating is, once you’ve built your first forest, once you see just how much timber and shelter and oxygen and fuel and livelihood can come from a single seed, you never walk through the world the same way again.

Because you realize that those seeds can come from anywhere. You realize that the next forest is just waiting to be built.

But only if you make the decision to breathe from the atmosphere of intellectual possibility.

Have you designed a system for drawing big wisdom from little moments?

For a copy of the list called, “11 Ways to Get More Ideas Than You Know What to Do With,” send an email to me, and you win the list for free!

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