Make your interactions more special by intentionally inhabiting your efforts

Rituals make the man

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The ability to communicate clearly and intelligently and proactively and persuasively is the price of admission.

But the audacity to originate communication rituals that are integrated into the larger culture, that’s how real, sustainable communities is built.

And whether those rituals are performed within a workplace, family system, peer group, professional association or even a local yoga studio, they’re guaranteed to create a foundation of trust and meaning that moves the community forward.

As a reminder, ritual, is any conscious practice of mindfulness before taking an action. It’s the intentional, purposeful and meaningful experience you layer on top of the activity to make it more worthwhile.

In short, it’s a way of affirming that you belong. It’s what helps define and reinforce a culture.

And the most exciting part is, you’re allowed to create a communication ritual if one doesn’t exist. You can choose to make your interactions more special by intentionally inhabiting your efforts.

It’s like having your own little secret language. And while some rituals happen daily, some weekly, some annually and some sporadically, what matters is, each time you execute one, the knots grow tighter on the ropes that bind you.

Remember, ritual isn’t about size and duration, it’s about thoughtfulness and regularity. It’s about intention and attention. Whether it’s two people or two hundred people.

What rituals are you known for?

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