Making a living as an artist is like throwing frisbees out the window

Hedging your creative bets

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Being an artist is like owning a venture capital firm.

You make lots of individual investments at varying levels, but you only need one of them to be successful to make the whole portfolio work well.

The hard part is, you never know which one will take off. There’s no certainty in art. Creativity is not a combination lock. Every day you’re just winking in the dark, throwing frisbees out the window, anchoring what you create to probability, trusting that it’s only a matter of time before the world pays you back.

I write hundreds of articles every year for a dozens of different publications, and I’m always shocked which pieces gain the most traction. I think to myself, that’s the one people liked? Really? And yet, despite my efforts to localize the virality and pinpoint what it was that made a particular piece stick, I always come up empty handed.

Because that’s not the way art works. It’s mostly luck and timing. You concentrate all your energies, bring your work to a roaring blaze, and then go start your next fire. And you have faith that eventually, one of those embers burns the whole forest down.

Art is just a series of investments. You start with one idea and quickly pivot to another if the first doesn’t work out, knowing that every attempt betters your odds in the long run.

What structure could you put place to tips the odds heavily in your favor?

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Scott Ginsberg
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