Mantras to help inspire you to remain faithful to your vision

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I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tried, very hard, to talk myself into wanting something that I knew, deep down, wasn’t for me.

From technology to relationships to creative projects to joining organizations, there’s this mechanism in my ego that always tricks me into believing that social conventions are eternal conditions.

But they’re not. There’s always a choice to be made. We can always choose personal integrity over societally approved successes.

And so, if we are to remain faithful to our personal vision of reality, we must do the work of figuring out where we stand and why. And it’s not an easy process. ‘’

One practice I find helpful is writing affirmations. Mantras that empower me to create a new model of reality.

Here’s a collection of ideas that I hope inspire you to do the same.

I will advocate for the person I truly am, not acquiesce to the one I think I’m supposed to be. Even if that means rejecting the socially favored narrative at the moment.

I will seek out ways to be whole on my own terms, instead of indulging some inherited fantasy that has nothing to do with me. Even if that means facing the judgment, scorn and pity of mainstream society.

I will make deeply considered choices about what life suits me, rather than giving my life over to something other people want me to want. Even if that means rejecting attitudes and courses of action that most of the world treats as gospel.

I will pay attention to what I really feel, as opposed to what I am supposed to feel or wished I felt. Even if that means being unpopular with those around me.

I will find my way back to my gut instincts, instead of mindlessly consuming what society demands I should have an appetite for. Even if that means running counter to the currents of the world.

Remember, all suffering stems from being mistake about our reality.

What mantras help inspire you to remain faithful to your vision?

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