Moderate your intellectual tendency to overthink

Get out of your head

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I have a tendency to intellectualize and overthink things.

To use my rational mind to regulate emotions and solve problems.

Which is a useful approach for strategizing and launching projects and getting things done. But when it comes to more interpersonal and relational matters, taking the elevator to the top floor and getting stuck inside my head isn’t particularly helpful.

And so, I’ve had to teach myself to go perpendicular and take leave of my mind. To create something more useful for the brain to do.

From exercising to meditating to playing music to cooking dinner to cleaning the house to listening to insightful podcasts, it doesn’t matter what the activity is, so long as it helps reduce the risk of cognitive strain.

That’s the secret to giving our brains a break. Pursuing a perpendicular style of activity that is well suited for our emotional temperament.

Having a wide repertoire of meaningful tasks at our disposal, should we get stuck inside our heads again.

How do you moderate your intellectual tendency to overthink?

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