Most businesses just sit back with the fingers crossed and wait for the phone to ring

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Every business has a handful of dream clients. Ideal candidates they’d love to do work for. People they’d give their left arm to collaborate with. Sometimes sales departments will even write a persona or tape a hot list the wall or compile a vision board or even write a full blown strategy for ultimately securing their so called whales.

But more often than not, most businesses just sit back with the fingers crossed and wait for the phone to ring. They don’t consider their own credibility as vendors.

I once read a fascinating article in a business journal that interviewed local cutting edge advertising agencies and asked them to reveal which account they’d most love to land. Their answers ranged from a billion dollar corporate behemoths to charitable organizations to national sports teams.

But what’s interesting is, none of the account managers addressed the crucial issue of their own brand. They waxed poetic about the benefits of working with their dream client and how valuable it would be to add them to their company’s roster, but none of them made a strong case for why their dream clients would feel it’s impressive to be partnering with them.

It’s like the nerdy kid explaining to the beautiful cheerleader why taking her to prom would improve his reputation at school.

When the reality is, the cheerleader can have any guy she wants. There has to be something in it for her.

And so, in business, there’s nothing wrong with imagining your dream client. But a more valuable exercise would be figuring out what you have to become to invert the credibility equation.

Positioning your brand in a way that companies are honored and excited to earn their way onto your list.

Doing work that encourages clients to brag to their friends about working with you.


Are you target marketing or making the market target you?


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