Neutralize the binaries and hurl ourselves out there

Where anything is possible

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Too many of us maintain a polarized mindset of ones and zeros and yesses and nos and eithers and ors and successes and failures and blacks and whites.

But if we have any intention of expanding our sense of possibility, we must embrace the both and mentality. We must neutralize the binaries, to borrow a term from the world of computer programming.

To do so, there’s a powerful question we can learn to ask ourselves. One that allows us to throw our weight behind all kinds of new possibilities.

How might we create, reassign or leverage resources and take advantage of multiple options?

This question was pivotal for me. Especially in those moments when life gave me the gift of desperation, it allowed me to stare into the mouth of panic and see possibility. And it reminded me that only in very few situations was I truly facing a yes or no decision.

Goldberg famously dubbed this state of being wild mind:

A place where everything exists, where we are not separate from anything and boundaries melt.

It’s a path that can make us freer than we could ever imagine. And it all boils down to our emotional willingness to open ourselves to new opportunity.

Remember, the world is a bundle of possibilities waiting to be explored.

But only if we’re prepared to neutralize the binaries and hurl ourselves out there.

Will you stare into the mouth of panic and see possibility?

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