No feelings, only cream and sugar.

Are you done beating yourself up yet?

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Seinfeld was recently asked how his comedy act has become more personal over the years.

He said that as a father, nobody in his family could hurt his feelings anymore, because he didn’t have feelings anymore. They were too much of a problem to have, so he just got rid of them.

What a fascinating way to lead life. No feelings, only cream and sugar.

Hugely practical. Wildly efficient. And even though it smacks of narcissistic, cynical and sociopathic tendencies, I can still find value in the comedian’s perspective.

Especially in those moments when I start getting down and being hopeless and feeling sorry for myself and allowing a single drop of meaningless to poison my whole day. Eventually, I look in the mirror and think:

Okay, are you done beating yourself up? Have you had quite enough yet? Or do you need to sit here and continue feeling disgusted with yourself for another hour or two?

Because hating yourself doesn’t make you interesting. There’s no studio audience. And there’s no shiny prize for the winner of the suffering contest.

The bottom line is, your precious feelings have done their job, but they’ve reached a point of diminishing return. And there’s a beautiful and abundant world waiting for you to return to it.

So get back to work. Even if you think you’re incapable. Stop measuring mood and start making meaning. Because it’s physically impossible to feel sorry for yourself when you’re creating something new.

Feelings, schmeelings.

What conversation do you have with yourself to help snap out of it?

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