Nobody knows anything. Nobody knows what’s inside of anyone.

Being less judgey

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Instead of demeaning and pathologizing people’s choices and interests and expressions as conditions from which they need to be cured and saved, I am learning to see them as they are.

To give them the space to be who they are, instead of molding them into the idealized version of who I want them to be.

Because at the end of the day, nobody knows anything. Nobody knows what’s inside of anyone. Everyone is fighting a battle that nobody knows anything about.

And so, I honor what’s right for them based on their chosen integrity and values, remembering that I would want the same treatment for my own unique journey.

I’m reminded of the most famous transgender comedian in the world. Izzard loves to tell judgmental people:

If you can’t handle the fact that I’m a cross dresser, you can go see a therapist and talk to them about your problem.

It’s just fear. We try to control people’s behavior because we cannot control our own anxieties and emotions.

But the sad part is, all that does is isolate us further. The easiest way to push people away is to judge them first.

And so, rather than treat people’s choices as problems to be solved, our challenge is to accept those choices as what makes us human and binds us together.

Because the reality is, they’re not the ones with the issue. We are.

The onus is on us.

Are you seeing people as they are, or as your filters would judge them?

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