On the lookout for new opportunities to better express your talents and abilities

Fish somewhere else

When I fall into an emotional funk, I tend make this giant leap to global negativity.

The story that I make up is, the world is blind to my talents, clients aren’t coming to warm their hands by my fire, and so, I’m just going spend the rest of my career winking in the dark.

It completely assaults my sense of confidence. And I know it’s an uncompassionate way to talk to myself.

The good news is, once I finally claw my way back to stability a few weeks later, I realize a few things.

The story I’m telling myself about my talent is completely invented. It’s not a rod and reel issue, I’m just fishing in the wrong hole. I’m stuck in the middle market. And because that hole has been so good to me for so long, I feel an obligation to be loyal. And so, I’ve seduced myself into an unwillingness to look for work opportunities outside of that perfectly manicured pond.

To modify the old adage, be careful what you fish for.

The point is, if I truly want to find a vehicle worthy of my talents, something that can take my genius on the ride it deserves and create the most value for the most people for the most money, I have to diversify the way I fish. To investigate unexpected ponds to keeping my career thriving. To pursue new and exciting market opportunities outside of my traditional wheelhouse.

And then, once I get there, help my market understand the story they should tell themselves about the work I’m doing for them.

That way they can tell my story to all of the other fish in the pond.

Hook, line and sinker.

Are you constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to better express your talents and abilities?

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