Once you’ve done the inner work, everything else comes faster

Laying the soulful foundation

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Doing inner work could mean any number of things.

Accepting yourself and reprogramming beliefs and identifying values and reframing self talk and releasing shame and setting boundaries and being kind to yourself and letting go of the past and restoring wholeness and decoding dreams and connecting with spirit and healing guilt and leveraging limitations and feeling your feelings and releasing resentment and alchemizing anger and awakening to your true self, to name a few.

What’s hard is, none of this work can be comfortably quantified. There’s no passing grade. We don’t have any metrics to show us where the inner work is paying off in the material world.

And that can be discouraging, because part of us can’t help but ask, what’s the point of all this inner work? Is it actually making my life better, or am I just fetishizing personal development? Can I see the ripples in the real world, or am I just treating myself like little narcissistic project, disappearing down the rabbit hole of my own mythology?

It’s a constant battle. Especially if you’re the kind of person who does a lot of thinking and reflecting and imagining.

But here’s the part that nobody tells you. Once you’ve done the inner work, everything else comes faster. It’s the strangest thing. You spend all this time in the privacy of your own head and heart, building your spiritual and emotional and mental foundation.

And then one day, you suddenly realize, oh wow, I’ve created fertile inner soil from which my outer life can now flourish.

Are you using the entirety of your inner life to serve your dreams?

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Scott Ginsberg
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