Package your interesting gifts in plain wrapping

How to Get Hired, Not Just Noticed

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We live in a world that fetishizes interestingness.

The story we’re sold by the experts is, if we can just make ourselves and our work different and quirky and weird and unique enough, eventually, people will take notice and reward us with an avalanche of money, sex and happiness.

Which, in some cases might be true. But most of the time, being interesting doesn’t guarantee anyone will be interested in you. In fact, it can work in reverse.

Ask any hiring manager in the world. The more interesting a potential job candidate is, the more complicated they are. And the more complicated they are, the more of a hassle they are for their future boss.

That’s why they never get hired.

Noticed, sure. Talked about, maybe. But hired, unlikely.

Because nobody knows what to do with them. They represent extra work.

My resume, for example, is literally a work of art. I hired a talented designer to visually render the full firepower of my professional arsenal on a single page, in a way that would earn the attention of hiring managers, educating them about how my unique skillset would create value for their organization.

That beautiful piece of paper got pushed to top of a lot of piles. Hiring managers frequently said it was one of the most interesting resumes they seen in years.

But that’s often where the conversation ended. And we all know why.

Just because you’re interesting doesn’t mean they’re interested.

Just because you’re a freak doesn’t mean the circus can’t start without you.

Interesting people might get in the door, but only useful people who make others feel safe, stay in the room.

How could you package your interesting gifts in plain wrapping so they don’t turn off the people you’re presenting them to?

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