Pay the price for choosing your own path

Being an individual isn’t free

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Being an individual who isn’t restricted by the machinery of society is a romantic and admirable and empowering notion.

But only to the extent that the individual accepts the consequences of being true to himself.

Independence, after all, is expensive. There’s are clear emotional and existential costs associated with choosing your own path. People who feel burdened by the pulsing energy and fierce need to be themselves exhaust easily.

They rage against the injustice of the world, but often overlook how that rage might be ripping apart their system.

Kony was a provocative political documentary that went viral within the first two weeks of its release. Russell’s film became the subject of intensive media scrutiny and criticism.

But at the height of its popularity, the police detained the film’s director for psychiatric evaluation during a public breakdown that was filmed and released online. And that video went viral too.

Russell was seen naked, hitting the ground, yelling and vandalizing cars. He was subsequently hospitalized for several weeks, with a preliminary diagnosis of something called brief reactive psychosis, which is acute state brought on by extreme exhaustion, stress and dehydration, as a result of the popularity of his movie.

The point is, if you have an attitude set that is oppositional in nature, and if you’re a person whose spirit of opposition is ignited on a daily basis, make sure your emotional and existential foundation is robust enough handle the weight of success.

Because being an individual doesn’t do you much good when you’re stuck in the hospital.

Are you prepared to pay the price for choosing your own path?

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