Prizing and maintaining the aspects of myself that I respect

Choosing a new identity story

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If you’re serious about personal growth, eventually, you’ll reach a point where you start to realize, wow, the old story isn’t working like it used to.

And that moment will terrify you. Because it means change is imminent. It means you have to free yourself from concepts of who you are, leap across the borders of your identity and soar into the unknown.

Waltz’s interview about his late success as a screen actor put it perfectly. He said people don’t have any idea about their talents. They always overestimate them, and as a consequence, underestimate the unexpected or unrealized ones.

That insight flipped on a switch inside my head. It made me wonder if the story I was telling myself about my competence was completely invented.

Perhaps I wasn’t as deficient in certain areas as I once thought. Maybe there was a new story available for me to take my identity from.

And so, it’s the delicate distinction between original, formed and available personality. Prizing and maintaining the aspects of myself that I respect, but not being afraid to grow into upgraded narratives about who I am.

The zen monks were right. Labels are fables.

Expand your role repertoire. Show yourself that you are capable of acting in new ways. Step outside of yourself and face the new possibility that beckons.

When was the last time you attempted something beyond the perimeter of our own constituted identity?

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