Protesting and huffing and puffing and taking things personally

Frogger is a reality

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What I love about inanimate objects is, they simply go with the flow.

They seek out the shortest and easiest path, the one that positions them so the world does the work for them.

It’s an approach humans could learn from. Because in those daily moments when the universe suddenly stops cooperating with us, when life doesn’t seem to follow the intentions of our inner algorithm, protesting and huffing and puffing and taking things personally doesn’t do us much good.

Walking in a crowded city is the perfect example. Because you’re constantly moderating space in a random assortment of humanity. Endlessly navigating your way between pedestrians and delivery guys and street performers and angry construction workers and dogs wearing sweaters and screaming children riding scooters like maniacs.

And so, if you have to step off the curb to walk in middle of the street for a block, you do it.

It’s not something you debate or burn mental calories thinking about, it’s just the shortest and easiest path. You position yourself so the world does the heavy lifting for you.

Instead of fighting the landscape, you just flow through it. You dance with the current, sliding smoothly and effortlessly around, riding the stream to wherever your destination might be.

Frogger has finally become a reality.

And as the zen master reminds us, the best way to enjoy the game is to remember that it is one.

Have you made peace with your own path?

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