That’s a winning strategy. Anticipatory service.

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When there’s a blizzard, the enterprising neighborhood kids have a choice.

They can stand on the street corner all morning and wait for homeowners to pick them.

They can ring people’s doorbells, make a pitch for their shoveling services and try not to get rejected.

Or, they can study the weather reports all week, canvas the streets the night before the storm, give out their cell phone number to every house in the neighborhood and earn a small but steady pool of seasonal subscribers who give them advanced permission and payment to shovel their driveway, every time it snows.

That’s a winning strategy. Anticipatory service. Radar on, antenna up. Addressing customer concerns, questions and needs, both expressed and unexpressed.

I’m reminded of a piece of advice my mentor once gave me. She said:

They are never going to do it, but they will love that you did it for them.

It’s a useful mantra for the customer experience. And so, whatever your version of blizzard season is, remember that sweat, diligence and volume, combined with surprise, delight and generosity, make for one hell of a service combination.

Do you have a loyal tribe of customers who are giving you permission to market to them, or a group of strangers you think you’re marketing to?

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