Redesigning your website doesn’t mean your brand has evolved

How to grow strategically

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There are several indicators that you’ve taken a complete step forward in your brand’s evolution.

One is diversity. Offering your work in new ways each year. Taking hidden products or services out of the shadows. Making your value accessible to people with different needs. Building on your offerings with better and more sophisticated variations. And converting the smallest revenue centers of your enterprise into an entirely new business units.

Another indicator is depth. Accelerating the average scope, degree, and size of business you do each year. Boosting the dollar value of your average sale. Earning more money, per client, than you did the year before. Launching projects that are more ambitious, entail greater risk and require more resources.

The last indicator of an evolving brand is deletion. Giving things up to focus on what will set your brand apart. Dumping lower priced products, lower value clients and lower return endeavors. Declining projects and clients with weak asset value by running them through your opportunity filter. And exorcising unfixable, unprofitable clients from your business because they’re dragging behind you like an anchor.

Diversity, depth and deletion. Key indictors of an evolving brand.

Just remember, evolution is an effect, not a cause. Evolution follows involution. And so, if you want your brand to evolve on the outside, start by making upgrades on the inside.

Otherwise it’s just cosmetic. Redesigning your website doesn’t mean your brand has evolved.

Are your current projects shaping a new life worthy of your past success?

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