Remain a stranger to the economics of scarcity

Compete less

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Anger is based on the false belief that things are finite.

That the more other people have of something, whether it’s inspiration or money or attention or success or adulation, the less there is available for us.

But that’s just the grip of competition and scarcity squeezing our hearts. It’s like the newly rescued dog who thinks he’s competing with other pets in the house at mealtime. And so, every morning, he inhales his food without even chewing, but then pukes it up five minutes later.

Meanwhile, underneath the kitchen sink is a forty pound bag of grain free kibble packed full of protein and omega fatty acids that supports the dog’s skin and coat health.

He just doesn’t realize it. Because he’s too locked into survival mode.

That’s how humans behave when it comes to competition. We’re so deeply lulled into the mindless trance, that we don’t realize that the pie is massive. We don’t realize that there are more slices than we could possibly imagine.

And we don’t realize that because other people have these things that we want is the very proof that prosperity is available.

In fact, every time comparison tries to cloud the clarity of my vision, I always recite the following mantra to myself.

The fact that it happened at all means that it’s possible.

That’s what helps me remain a stranger to the economics of scarcity.

What will you say to yourself to create abundance where there appears to be none?

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