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I once overheard a psychiatrist say that she refused to be a shrink from the wrist down.

Meaning, when her patient came through the door, she wouldn’t just default to writing scripts and pushing pills. Medication management certainly helped, but it wasn’t only house on the block.

The overall goal was to achieve true healing by treating the whole person. And that required much more than just the doctor’s pen. She had to engage her intellect and compassion and empathy and whatever other tools she had in her therapeutic arsenal.

It’s an encouraging case study for the mental health profession, but also a useful mantra for any profession. Because each of us should aspire to enlarge our value beyond some arbitrary title on our business card. Each of us should aim to be a source of holistic improvement for our customers and coworkers.

Otherwise we’re doing our talents a disservice. We’re narrowing our appeal and our ability to create value.

In the wall of my studio, I have a diagram of a buffalo, parsing out every part of its anatomy with its commensurate value to the native people. Looking at it on a daily basis inspires me to fire on all cylinders, make use of everything I am, exploit each of my talents, keep all of my passions in play and use my gifts to make a difference in all parts of my life.

In short, it reminds me not to work from the wrist down.

How will you remind yourself to open up your potential to be pursued for a wide variety of client improvement?

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