Most people don’t want to be our little project

Enough with the evangelism

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We assume that proselytizing and soapboxing will result in people rolling on their backs with their paws folded, waiting for us to rub their bellies.

That if we can just finagle a way to steer the conversation in direction that satisfies our agenda, eventually, people will see the light and come to their senses and embrace our worldview.

But as it turns out, most people don’t want to be our little project. Not everyone appreciates being the object of our curiosity.

That’s why I’ve given up trying to convince or convert people of anything anymore. It’s too much work for too little return. Tempting as it may be to feel around the rim of someone’s soul for cracks, and then squeeze an entire tube of my philosophical caulk down their throat, I’d much rather let them be in love with their own opinions.

I’m reminded of a passage from a book about the many paths of meditation. Ramdass suggested that there’s no need to proselytize because our own quiet changes are the most convincing statement.

That even if we do possess a philosophy or belief that has worked for us that we have never doubted, it’s still easier to demonstrate divine love by being a living example, rather than by referencing a historic death.

Are you still forcing others to live by the lights of your worldview?

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