Shutting the door on opportunity

Blips on the radar screen

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When times are tough and sales are low, you take your confidence and momentum wherever you can get it.

Otherwise you’ll never free yourself from the tyranny of pessimism and get back into the game.

And so, instead of forecasting and foreshadowing every possible negative scenario you think might occur, start looking for signs that the universe is on your side.

Treat it like a game. Use optimism to increase your field of perception, allow yourself to better notice and capitalize on new opportunities, and watch openings start to show up left and right.

It’s not magic, it’s confirmation bias. A frequency illusion. A cognitive cartwheel. Like buying a new car and seeing it everywhere. And frankly, there’s nothing wrong with employing it to dig yourself out a hole.

That’s why I treat every client refusal and failed interview and rejected proposal as a victory. Because the fact that it happened at all means that it’s possible. The fact that some stranger cared enough about my work to reach out and have a conversation about enlisting my skills to solve their problem, even if they don’t ultimately hire me, it’s still a sign that the universe is on my side.

And it’s only a matter of time before the right one clicks.

Brown’s book on the winner’s brain said it best:

Winners are continually scanning for blips on life’s radar screen, and when a blip looks interesting, they investigate. And even if they fail, each time they rebound, they build more momentum. Because they trust that the next bounce might lead to success.

Are you shutting the door on opportunity, or taking a moment to find a whole new world awaiting you?

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