Something that didn’t exist before you came along

What did you write today?

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Here’s a pen, and here’s a pad of paper.

Separately, they have limited value.

But once you learn to put that pen to the paper, and fill it with something original, that’s significantly more valuable than the individual parts.

Because it’s idea creation. And the idea is the great umbrella of all employment.

Hell, the idea doesn’t even have to be good. It just has to exist.

That’s your leverage and competitive advantage. You created something, something that wasn’t there before, and the other guy didn’t. You facilitated what physicists call emergence, meaning, the process of things coming alive when their elements are integrated into one another.

That’s the difference maker between success and failure. It’s where your efforts land on the following continuum.






Only one requires the impulse to originate. Only one requires the emotional labor of courage and vulnerability and honesty. Only one requires the foolishness to put your whole heart on show and reveal your feelings to the crowds below.

But that’s exactly why the level of satisfaction is the highest. Because you combined pen and paper to create something that didn’t exist before you came along.

When I published my hard cover, full color, oversized coffee table book that functioned as one third art piece, one third motivational masterclass and one third dream journal, I was so ecstatic it hurt when I pee.

In fact, I even took the book for a walk around the park, just to see how it looked in the sunlight.

It was goddamn gorgeous. Because I made it. From nothing. From the ideas inside my head. And now it exists in the world. It’s a real thing that I can hand to somebody. And nobody can take that away from me.

But had I spent all my time consuming, commenting, collecting or curating other people’s art, that glorious feeling of satisfaction never would have been available.

What did you write today?

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