Take control of your mind before you minds takes control of you

Strategies for the psychic enviornment

The creative brain often has trouble quieting itself. At any given moment, the mind darts and moves and skips and rises. And if we’re not careful, its tremendous racing power can overwhelm our system and cause anxiety, restlessness and mania.

The goal, then, is to calmly beat our brain to the punch. And to take control of our mind before our mind gets in control of us.

What’s exciting is, there’s no one way to do it. Each of us customizes a unique program for taking charge of our own thinking. Here’s a snapshot of how I get control of my psychic environment.

I practice sleep thinking, a bedtime ritual of surrendering myself each night to learning about my own life and what it needs from me.

I practice productive obsessions, a way of using my brain in the service of the work I intend to accomplish.

I practice creative visualizations, a tool for letting my brain race, but still remaining in control of it.

I practice rhythmic exercise, a moving meditation that zeroes out my mental board and gets me into my body.

I practice automation, a series of creative subroutines that prevent unnecessary thoughts from taking up residence in my psyche.

I practice making room, a tool for giving ideas over to a system superior than my mind so my mental energy can move on to its bigger and better work.

I practice forced vomiting, a daily ritual of emotional release where I purge everything that happens to me.

I practice paper thinking, a way of experiencing ideas kinesthetically and without judgment.

I practice centering sequences, a way of bringing my brain up to operating temperature in order to run properly.

Remember, you are in charge of you own thinking.

What tools, practices and rituals help you get control of your psychic environment?

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