TALENT: A piece of meat or a pan of gold?

Nurturing your employees

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Most people have no idea about their talents.

They overestimate what they do well, and they underestimate their unexpected or unrealized gifts. And unless somebody holds up a mirror, their potential might go to waste.

And so, as leaders, we’re obligated to witness human genius. To be stand for greatness. And to announce to people who we think they are.

Because doing so might be the only way they’ll ever notice and nurture it.

I have a friend who runs a fast growing tech startup. He hires new interns and employees every six months. And part of his approach to turning on the lights to people’s talents is simple. He doesn’t give them some pre approved human resources personality test, he just tells them the following:

If everybody is surprised at how easy something comes to you, there’s something there. You should do something with that.

Tom’s process is a deeply intuitive and experiential approach to getting the most out of his people. But it works. Because everyone has unconscious competencies. Everyone has a second nature skill set.

But few people are seen for those gifts.

Just imagine how much better the world could become if we took the time to open people’s eyes that.

Remember, noticing, naming and nurturing people’s talent is a talent unto itself.

Don’t let the gifted people around you wink in the dark any longer.

Are you treating people’s talent like a piece of meat or a pan of gold?

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