That relationship is far to antagonistic

Loving the parts of yourself that are ugly

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Most of us have the capacity to be kind and compassionate toward others, but when it comes to looking in the mirror, we’re much less forgiving.

That relationship is far to antagonistic.

Extending unconditional love for all the parts of ourselves is a terrifying prospect.

I was attending a lecture series at my local coworking space when this very topic came up. The man next to me said:

We’re all addicted to our brokenness, to the story that we need to heal the parts of ourselves that are incomplete. And that’s why so few of us can get through the day without going on about what shit bags we are.

His words were a wakeup call for me. They inspired me to get serious about putting an end to my ineffective and unhealthy responses.

Whenever an undercurrent of resentment threatens to hold me in bondage and rob me of peace and joy, blotting out any pleasure I might have had, I know to recite the following mantra:

I love the part of you that…

I love the part of you that’s flabby. I love the part of you that’s clumsy. I love the part of you that forgets your keys and has to ring the old lady on the third floor to schlep all the way down the stairs and let you into your own apartment.

Seven simple words.

I love the part of you that.

It’s an elegant tool for extending unconditional positive regard to all the parts of myself.

And so, if you’re doing something that creates guilt, it’s time to reevaluate your standards.

Put the power where you should be. Before shame starts spilling out the side of your sneakers, learn to catch yourself when you’re falling.

Are you still angry at that little part of yourself that you haven’t made peace with?

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