That time I wore women’s clothing and loved it

You don’t need tools, you need to care

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Unlike many physical activities, yoga requires no equipment beyond the readiness to practice it.

You don’t need the sexy outfit or the perfect mat or the deluxe thermos or the fancy studio or even the ideal teacher to begin.

Those are just containers into which you pour procrastination. Convenient excuses you make for not showing up to doing the real work.

At our yoga studio, we have a community lost and found bin. It contains a treasure trove of towels, mats, shorts, shirts, water bottles and other accessories people have accidentally left behind after class.

And what’s nice about it is, if you show up to class and realize that you’ve forgotten something, you’re welcome to dig through the bin and borrow whatever you need.

The forest will provide.

I remember working the front desk one afternoon, when a new student showed up for his very first class. Not surprisingly, he was completely unprepared. No clothes, no water bottle, no nothing. And he felt terrible. To the point that he considered leaving the studio and coming back another time.

But I told him, don’t let this be the reason you miss class today. You’re already here. Just go grab some extra clothes from the lost and found and do the best you can. The other students will be too focused on their own practice to even notice you anyway.

The guy smiled. He said thanks. And he agreed to stick around.

Five minutes later, he was on the mat, sweating with the rest of us, practicing his first ever hot yoga class. And even though he was wearing women’s clothes, he did the best he could.

Not because he had the right equipment, but because he had the readiness to practice.

That’s how most things work.

You don’t need the tools, you need to care.

What excuses are you making to justify your procrastination?

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