That’s joy. Not wanting to do something else.

Wait a sec. What happened? It was just here a minute ago.

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My favorite definition of joy is, not wanting to do something else.

It’s that sublime sense that your path is enough for you. It’s when a glorious current of gratitude amplifies within your bones and the muscles behind your eyes melt into radiant crystals of contentment.

Because there is nothing else just out of your grasp that will save and complete your soul.

Insert sitar music here.

The rub about this experience of joy is, there is also a commensurate avalanche of horseshit that, at any given moment, can creep up and completely compromise your ability to be present in that moment.

Like when you get sucked into the ego vortex of social comparison, spending your precious energy speculating about other people’s lives.

Like when you start clamoring for the next big business opportunity that’s finally going to set you free, using external objects to override your inner sense of unworthiness.

Like when you start coveting the better life you may be missing out on, provoking anxiety by undermining confidence in your own decisions.

Wait a sec. What happened? Joy was just here a minute ago.

My therapist once asked me a great question during the height of my workaholic years:

What will happen if you stop paying attention to everything you think should be done?

At the time, my gut said that my business would decline, my relevance would plummet and my career would be over. But keep in mind, my gut had shit for brains.

It dawned on me several years later. Once you learn to let go of all the shoulds and musts and lusts that are outside your sphere of enoughness, joy follows like a shadow. Once you cut to the core and strip the fat off the moment, life begins to take on a lighter quality. Once you start shrinking projects to fit reality by keeping only the parts you love the most, the vastness of your vision expands.

That’s joy. Not wanting to do something else.

Only wanting to be right here.

What if you dissolved your fascination and need to do all of the things?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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