The best road is the one we don’t see signs for

Unexpected paths to fulfillmnt

Einstein once said that whomever can no longer wonder and marvel is as good as dead.

It’s a bit dramatic, but it’s still a powerful insight for anyone working in the modern economy. Because while it’s important to know what business you’re in, it’s also important to envision what business you could be in. To keep yourself amenable to new, interesting and different opportunities that you might not have even considered when you started.

I have a colleague who started her career as an event planner and filmmaker, but recently stumbled into the tech startup space. Within a two year period, her product went from a back of the napkin idea to a fully functioning app with a legitimate user base. And she’s not even a techie. She claims she didn’t know a damn thing about what she was in for. But she couldn’t be happier.

Meanwhile, business owners and artists and creators around the world are missing this boat. Instead of entertaining diverse work options, they’re seduced into insulating themselves from unknown parts of the market. Instead embracing vulnerability, they’re making themselves as small a target as possible so the world won’t shoot them down.

And the irony is, the only thing they’re protecting themselves from is getting more business.

Look, we rarely get what we signed up for. As entrepreneurs, we tend to come for one thing and end up walking away with another. But sometimes the best road is the one we don’t see signs for. Sometimes we stumble into the truth when we’re not looking.

And if we’re smart, open and lucky, we let it change us forever.

Who do you have to become in order to contribute differently to your business so that it generates more income?

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