The best way to find escape from the burdens of the world

Flow is the answer

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The best way to find escape from the burdens of the world is with a manageable, self contained activity.

Something that imposes order on our mind from the outside. Something purposeful that requires skills. Something that prevents disorder from taking hold of our mind and forcing it into frenetic state. Something that focuses our whole being in a harmonious rush of energy.

Whether it’s physical exercise, manual labor, fixing things around the house, working with our hands, biting into a mental task, diving into our latest creative obsession or even engaging in a six hour long conversation with an old friend, the goal is flow.

Mihaly’s definitive book the evolving self explains that seeking flow, becoming an active, conscious part of the evolutionary process, is precisely what gives our lives meaning and joy. Getting to a place where we’re not afraid of losing self, where the ego can easily slip out of awareness, where we can spend energy giving consciousness shape, this is the stuff real life is made of. Because the quality of experience while involved in these activities is intrinsically rewarding.

Instead of burning candles, we’re burning calories.

What three activities are guaranteed to provide you with the experience of flow?

For a copy of the list called, “9 Things Every Writer Needs to Do Every Day,” send an email to me, and you win the list for free!

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