The Brian Kopplmeman Guide to Self Motivation Through Custom Footwear

Kicking your own ass

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I recently heard an inspiring story about a blocked screenwriter who couldn’t finish his first independent film.

And so, to motivate himself, he had a pair of tennis shoes custom designed with the title of his movie embroidered one hundred times on each foot. Brian claimed it was a constant reminder to take steps toward his dream, no matter how big they were.

He wore those shoes all day, every day until his movie finally shipped. And in the end, his work received rave reviews from critics, fans and colleagues alike.

It’s a sneaky reminder that if your commitment isn’t symbolized, memorialized and personified in a tangible way, you’re just winking in the dark. Find a commitment device. Make it simple, creative, intentional, memorable, and most importantly, physically attached to your body at all time.

Not only will it keep your accountable to your dream, but it will afford you the opportunity to share your dream with the people around you. Keep adding energy to the system, keep moving the story forward. And it’s only a matter of time before that dream becomes a reality.

What’s your commitment device?

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Scott Ginsberg
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