The emotional wherewithal to get out of your own way

Do have a person you can refuel with?

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Buffet’s most quotable piece of investment advice is, you don’t know who’s naked until the tide goes out.

Meaning, in a recession, the weak will weed themselves out. The down economy will force companies to decide if their product is a necessity and test whether or not they deserve to be in business.

That same insight applies to our inner lives as well.

Because in many cases, we don’t know that we’re feeling something until we stop feeling it. Until the emotional tide goes out. It’s the law of contrast.

Like the drunk who admits to his sponsor, I didn’t know I was an alcoholic until I stopped drinking.

The challenge is, how do we give the fish a sense of the water? How do we come to terms with our emotional reality when we’re still in the thick of it?

Connection, that’s how. Through an interpersonal account with another person. Because in that kind of transcendental healing atmosphere, we can’t hide and get lost and fool people. One on one, being naked and seen and known just for who we are, not worried about anything except this connection we have right now, that’s true safety. That’s the doorway to emotional truth.

Without that encounter with intimate other, it’s almost impossible to get out of the water and into the light.

When I think back to the many slumps and ruts and low points of my life, the ones that lasted the longest were the ones in which I remained isolated in my pain.

Only when I reached out my hand and stepped into the vulnerability of being seen in my struggle did the real healing being.

Do you have a person you can refuel with to help you generate the emotional wherewithal to get out of your own way?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
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